Congratulations to our Graduates!

Over the course of their 2YR Drama Course the 2021 graduates have acquired mastery in the craft of method acting, in movement, voice, in stage performance, theatrical style, film genre and screen acting. Our graduating students have demonstrated excellence at each level and in all aspects of their training.

ADS actors can deliver nuanced and subtle character portrayals that appear seamless to observers. Students of the 2YR Drama Course undertake rigorous training to enable them to deliver powerful, emotionally driven performances with the aim of impacting audiences both on screen and on stage. Graduates are able to tackle deep character work and give compelling performances as they enter the industry.

Watch the Graduates in their upcoming Showcase. Please see details below:

Event Details:

YouTube Premiere on 8th July 2021.

Duration: 1Hr

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Event Brochure and graduate details.

Event Program

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Alana Hillenaar

Ashlin Green

Delphine Volny

Maria Busz

Ribera Bufill

Lanre Danmola

George Zuban

Mollie Fowler

Kurt Lucas

Vjosa Azemi