Is acting a good career option?

Embarking on an acting career?


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Answer by Fay Beck:

There are 2 parts to this perhaps.

The first (as you state): is acting a good career option?

Simple answer: No

Year and year again I follow and compare statistics of various professions. Year and year again the stats show the same pattern: only a minuscule proportion of actors are earning enough to make a living (not ‘make it’ but make a living).

The second: should I follow my dreams/desires of being actor because there is absolutely nothing else I’d rather do?

Answer: Absolutely!

So I think to help you out through the confusion, what might clear things up for you is if you asked yourself exactly how much do you want to be an actor?

Because it is extremely difficult to make a career out of it unless you absolutely love it. It is highly competitive (unfortunately) and there are people eating, breathing and living it who are extremely passionate about it. Ask yourself if you’ll be able to compete with that.

Is acting a good career option?

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