Acting Classes London

The Actors Door Studio runs acting classes, courses and drama workshops from its centrally located studio in London.

The basis of the teaching program is the Meisner Technique, widely regarded the most effective method acting technique.

Meisner training is delivered through weekly acting classes. Each acting lesson runs like a mini workshop and is an immersive, participatory experience. In each class, students learn acting skills that they can begin to apply in their professional careers.

Classes are kept small in size so that each student receives maximum benefit from the teacher’s specialised training.

Meisner classes are unique.

As you attend each week, you will learn increasingly more advanced acting skills in the Meisner Technique. You can begin to put these skills to test in your professional acting career.

These skills are mainly taught through performances of ‘activity and door’ exercises that require the actor to use personal, sometimes deeply private aspects of their life. No two classes are ever the same and no two exercises are ever the same. Some of the exercises you will see will be confronting.

Consequently, we require of you as a new comer to observe the exercises with respect. Maintain an open mind and an open attitude towards what you see and what students may choose to reveal about themselves.

Drop in Acting Classes

When you join a drop in Foundations or Beginner’s acting class or sign up for course classes, you will meet and train with current students of the studio.

The studio is a friendly and supportive environment and you will instantly feel welcomed by the group. Method acting can be a confronting learning experience so it is important for us at the Actor’s Door Studio that everyone who joins feels part of the group.

Our expectation, if you are attending for the first time, is that you will observe our house rules and respect the space and its students.

What to expect from Meisner Acting Classes

Expect to be moved, to cry, to laugh.

Be prepared to be challenged each lesson! Meisner is a ‘full on’ experience that requires an open mind and an open heart.

Meisner is also transformative. If you allow yourself, the training you receive has the capacity to make you not only a more truthful, instinctive actor, but also a more grounded, emotionally connected and intuitive human being.

Lastly, expect to have fun and to form lasting connections with a one-of-a-kind group of passionate actors!

“I never Act. I simply bring out the real animal that’s in me.”

Willem Dafoe