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Fay Beck

Fay Beck is the founder and artistic director of the Actors Door Studio. In conjunction with teaching students enrolled in the advanced classes at the studio, she is available for private, one-on-one acting coaching, and mentoring.

As an acting coach she works with trained professionals, performers, working actors and with actors in training.

The basis of her approach is realism in acting. She works with you to help bring out truth and honesty in your performance, whether intended for the screen or stage. Her specialisation is character. Having trained as a psychologist, she applies her unique background to understanding character, and most importantly understanding your character, so that she may be able to work through you to get to the character you are portraying.

Actors Door Studio director, Fay Beck

Beck’s areas of specialisation are:

  • audition preparation and mastery

  • monologues

  • in depth text analysis

  • script breakdown

  • ‘actioning’ texts

  • emotional preparation

  • character development

  • advanced characterisation

She is also available for on set coaching, both in her base home of London as well as internationally.

As a mentor, she works with public figures, actors, artists, writers, screenwriters and business professionals helping them gain the competitive edge they need to advance their careers.

The emphasis of her coaching and mentorship is on excellence in the craft of acting, in deep ‘change-focused’ personal development techniques and on ‘projective career success’.


…(Fay) has a unique and vast understanding of story and character and makes it very accessible, despite its complexity. For anyone working who needs help breaking down a scene, a script, a character or all three, I couldn’t recommend Fay enough. Not only has she been able to help me understand material in an extraordinary way she has also always given me countless ways of bringing it to life. I will be seeking Fays expertise for many, many years and I encourage you to do the same!

Max Fowler, Actor (The Affair, State of Happiness, Wolf Wall, Powers, The Killing)

Max Fowler, former student | Actors Door Studio

Fay taught me not how to ‘act’, but how to feel deeply, let myself be affected, and how to trust the truth. It has changed my world and I’ve completely fallen in love with the craft like it’s the first time again.

ADS has completely opened my eyes to the artistry of what acting really is. I had completely misunderstood it for 27 years! I’m more passionate and in love with acting than I’ve ever been and it’s all thanks to Fay and ADS. I am eternally grateful.

Melissa Wells, Actress (Hollyoaks) Writer,  (Hungry for More, The Goddess Revolution), Founder of the Self Love Summit.

Melissa Wells actress Actors Door Studio

Working with Fay Beck at the Actors Door Studio has been a revelation! She reminded me that in order to perfect my presentation skills on camera as a TV chef, is to be specific about what I know and what I do best. She inspired me to bring my best self to the forefront and show my viewers that preparing amazing food at home is easy, fuss free and healthy; just follow my simple steps!

Athena Loizides, TV chef and cookbook author.

Athena Loizides business coach client Fay Beck

Fay has a wonderful way of always explaining with examples, making her exercises clear and accessible for everyone. She is patient, incisive and direct – but without loosing any important warmth or humour. This allowed me to get further in less time and took ego and self doubt out of the equation. I’d recommend anyone to take a class with her. A session with Fay is an assurance that you’re in safe hands, with someone who has your best interests at heart.

Simon Lyshon, Actor

Fay Beck and ADS has been one of the strongest influences in my life as of recent. Her teachings and ideologies really helped me understand the craft in a way that is unique to her. She’s a great, fair and patient teacher who takes great pride in her work. I’ll be forever grateful for her guidance and teachings and couldn’t recommend anyone more!

Nicholai Perrett, Aspiring Actor, Instagram Star

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