Acting Workshops

Acting Workshops

At the Actors Door Studio we believe in providing actors with all the tools they need to succeed in this very competitive profession. For that reason we also run key acting workshops in London throughout the year, alongside our core Meisner Technique Course and weekly drop-in acting classes.

The actor workshops we run at our Studio give students the opportunity to supplement their acting skills with practical and in-depth training in specific areas. Workshops are organised and managed by our highly experienced tutors who are on hand to provide detailed guidance to participants. Joining one of our workshops will allow you to develop and sharpen new and existing abilities in a specific area of acting.


Currently we run acting workshops in Scene Study. Scene Study or Scene Analysis workshops, helps actors look beyond the words on the page of a script. In the workshop we instruct actors to breakdown the script in depth, to fully understand meaning, character and context. In depth scene analysis brings you closer to the character, enabling you to produce consistently higher levels of performance. Find out how the Scene Study Workshop can benefit your acting.

To help our actors prepare for the screen, we currently run Screen Acting Classes in 8 week blocks that covers everything from camera awareness, emotional continuity, staging, confidence on camera, camera specific acting skills, typecasting and casting type, and the business of Acting. Find out more about the Screen Acting Classes.

To be successful in the industry, actors need to be good an auditioning. Our Audition Technique Workshop breaks down for you the structure of the auditioning process. Expert tutors teach you how to prepare for this important, but extremely stressful, part of every actor’s career. From preparation, to camera interaction and making bold choices, we teach you the components you need to get right, in order to become more successful at auditioning. See the course description.

From time to time we also organise masterclasses where we invite leaders or specialists in the acting, theatre, TV and film world to present to our students. Actor workshops and masterclasses are open to everyone, not just to Actors Door Studio students. If you are a student in the Meisner programs, your attendance at any of the Workshops will not impact your grading or standing in the course (although taking some of the workshops may help your core training in Meisner).

Throughout the year we announce new acting workshops on our website as well as on our social media channels, so be sure to add Actors Door Studio across your social media channels.


The Actors Door Studio runs workshops on-site and can also organise workshop for your school, training institution or organisation.

Find out more about our secondary school workshops, and about the workshops we offer to universities and colleges.


If you a casting director or talent agent, our experienced staff can organise a workshop for your actors in accordance with your organisations’ individual needs.

Currently the Actors Door Studio, can organise a Workshop in the following areas:

  • Scene Analysis: Understanding the Text and what to do with it
  • Audition Technique: From Preparation to Execution
  • Advanced Characterisation: Making Bold Choices
  • The Business of Acting

Please get in touch with us to enquire about how we can organise a workshop for you.

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