ADS Actors Spotlight: Max Fowler

The Affair hit TV show starring Actors Door Studio student



At ADS, what sets us apart is that we go through a great deal of nuance to train our instructors so that they can instantly identify unique strengths and weaknesses of each student, which effectively allows them to come up with the right action plan to help each actor reach his/her underlying goals.

The Meisner Method

We believe in a highly tailored approach toward training and honing actors in their craft. In practice, this essentially means teaching our tried-and-tested method in relatively small groups, while continuing to provide completely bespoke training to each actor based on their individual strengths.

Our philosophy here at Actors Door Studio is supported by the belief that each actor’s voice, body and emotional prowess demand holistic development – enabling and empower them to achieve sheer excellence in their craft.

Our training methodology borrows from the teachings and philosophy of the beloved British acting teacher, Sanford Meisner. Even though the techniques ‘preached’ by the great Meisner serve as the basis of our courses, they have been taken a few steps further by our founder, Fay Beck, owing to her expertise on character and narrative development.

The Meisner technique that serves as the basis of all training courses here at ADS is much more than just a technique, however. It is a philosophy fully integrated into the acting system, embracing the fundamentals of voice and movement.

Production still from hit show The Affair with Actors Door Studio actor Max Fowler
Production still from The Affair with Actors Door Studio actor Max Fowler

A Tale of Big Aspirations

Two years ago, one of our actors, Max, landed a major role in a Hollywood show – The Affair – which has been a rave hit with 5 seasons out already.

Max came on board in 2016 and while he was with us, he worked with unrelenting conscience to hone different aspects of his craft – an actor who was meticulous and hard-working actor by every measure. He worked quite closely with Fay Beck, who at the time, was also taking classes at the studio.

This is how Fay has described Max:

“Max is an exceptional actor. In classes, he constantly applied himself and took on the many challenges I levelled at him and his classmates, with an open mind and open heart; and he always delivered. I often say that curiosity is for me the biggest indicator of craftsmanship and mastery in acting. It is also for me the biggest indicator of eventual success. And Max approaches each character, each role with great interest and curiosity as if they were a mystery that he wanted to solve.”

Who We are at ADS and what We can do for You

With the highest aims and ambitions, we are positioning ourselves to be the leading alternative to traditional drama schools. With our proven Meisner method, we are innovative, raw and edgy – helping actors realise their full potential.

Thanks to Fay Beck, we have taken the Meisner technique to a whole new level of sophistication. In our very brief history, we have delivered exceptional results. Equipping actors like Max Fowler with the advanced character skills required to tackle big projects is one of our proudest achievements.

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