ADS Filmcase Film Hooked In is a Semi-Finalist!

ADS 2018 Filmcase film, HOOKED IN is a Semi-Finalist!

Earlier this week we received excited news that ADS Filmcase film, Hooked In is a semi-finalist in KINO’s The People’s Film Festival! We are pleased with this result as it shows that the talents of our actors are being recognised by the industry as soon from the moment they finish their training with us.

At the Actors Door Studio we shoot short scenes at the end of the year with graduates as part of the Graduation Filmcase. 2018 graduates Jake Bryan-Amaning and David Mullenger chose to work on an interesting co-dependant relationship, in their scene. The scene was written and created by studio director Fay Beck and explores the relationship between a detective and a petty criminal cum informant, that turns sour.

Our affiliated film production company Angry Bee Films thought the scene was a viable standalone short film and as a result, the team decided to produce it!

The film festival campaigning for the resulting film, Hooked In, started a couple of months ago and the film has just had this nice little first recognition, namely that it made the semi-finalist list at the Kino London’s The People’s Film Festival!

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HOOKED IN SEMI-FINALIST - Kino London presents The Peoples Film Festival - 2019
Hooked in movie poster | ActorsDoor Studio

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