ADS Rock Climbing Club: The inaugural climb!

Actors Door Studio Rock Climbing Club

The Actors Door Studio Rock Climbing Club had its inaugural climb today! ADS teachers met with final year Advanced Acting Technique students to mark the formation of the Actors Door Studio Rock Climbing Club.

Having been inspired by the documentaries The Dawn Wall and Free Solo, the group wanted to put their own physical and mental limitations to the test.

At ADS, our philosophy is that excellence is achieved when one pushes themselves beyond pre-conceived limitations. Sometimes, there may indeed, exist real physical and mental boundaries to achieving all that one may wish to achieve. Often however, the boundaries we set for ourselves are formed from habit, or fear, or even a kind of laziness; all of which can keep us in our safe zones.

As artists desiring to change, shape, impact and affect the world, it is essential that we step outside our own comfort zones and embrace challenges with an open heart. The places we reach beyond our safe zones, are fertile ground for new ideas, new meanings, and new modes of behaviour and action. In other words, challenging ourselves beyond the safe and familiar helps us see things differently, and hopefully, through our works and our art, we can help others see things differently too.

If you are an ADS students, and wish to join this adventurous and fun group, please email admin to check meeting days and times. (If rock climbing is not your thing, let us know what is your thing, or better yet, post it on the ADS closed FB group).

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