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At the Actors Door Studio we offer an easy to book Online Online One-on-one Received Pronunciation & Accents & Dialects Coaching Package.

The package includes 5 x 1hr sessions over the internet with our accent and voice coach, Shaun Morton.

Once you have booked the package, the tutor will be in touch with you to arrange convenient times for your sessions.

The package is currently available to everyone, regardless of whether or not you are a student of the Actors Door Studio.

Use your one-on-one sessions for training in:

Received Pronunciation: RP is an industry standard, and an essential tool for any actor working in the UK.  It is the accent often thought of as ‘neutral’. RP is often asked for when a character needs to be unplaceable, either geographically, or in terms of historical period. The neutral nature of the accent also makes it a perfect launching pad for learning other accents. Furthermore being proficient in RP can increase clarity and improve articulation.

Accent Softening: Accent softening is particularly geared towards individuals who feel their accent is perhaps holding them back in their everyday interactions. Sometimes referred to as elocution, accent softening is not about eliminating your accent, but about improving the way you communicate so that it is no longer a barrier. It involves understanding your own accent and learning the changes necessary to improve clarity, articulation and pronunciation. The sessions bring your attention to the different sounds of English and how to apply them to your everyday speech.

Accent/Dialect: Being a versatile actor means having a number of accents and dialects in your toolset. Not only does this increase your chances of representation by a better agent, it also improves your prospects of winning upcoming auditions that involve accents or dialects other than yours. The more ‘versed’ you are in other accents, the more castings you can confidently apply for, and eventually go on to win. These sessions will help you break down and understand any accent, so that you are ready for that next audition or performance. In the sessions, you will focus on the different placement zones of an accent, sound substitutions and the shifts required to make an authentic sounding accent. Popular accents include General American, New York, Southern American, Heightened RP and Cockney.

Once you have used up the 5 sessions included in this pack, visit the site to book another package.

If you are interested in working with Shaun face-to-face, please contact us directly.


Sessions are conducted by Shaun Morton. Shaun is an actor, voiceover artist and voice teacher. Read Shaun’s bio in our staff biography pages.

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