Professional Development Opportunities for Actors

The Actors Door Studio provides its graduates with industry leading career opportunities and professional development in screen acting and filmmaking and actor training.


The Actors Door Studio is unique in providing graduates and advance level students with the opportunity to apply their acting skills in professional film production through the Studio’s affiliated film production companies, Angry Bee Films and Aberrant Gene Films.

Angry Bee Films is an independent film production company headed by studio director Fay Beck, ADS graduate Martina Avogadri and Graham Jones. The company has as its aim, the production of narrative fiction films, short and feature length, that are provocative, entertaining, socially aware and impactful.

To date, Angry Bee Films has made 4 short films with Actors Door Studio graduates as cast. Collectively, the films have earned 14 selections in international film festivals.

Layers Backstage stills, careers for ADS cast and crew professional development
Layers film stills, careers for ADS cast and crew professional development

Aberrant Gene Films is an independent film production company, ambitiously seeking to create word class feature films and TV series destined for wider worldwide audiences.

Currently, Aberrant Gene Films is in the development stage of their first feature film project, Rise! The film will be an ADS first and will feature graduates and final year students of the studio. A crowdfunding campaign will be launched soon to garner support for the project.

Through on set acting opportunities and film production experience, graduates and students gain exposure and learn industry relevant skills. Over time, they build a portfolio of completed work, which along with their IMDB credits, will help them advance their careers in the industry.

See completed projects and projects involving ADS students:




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Interested graduates are invited to train as acting teachers and tutors. Maintaining high standards in teaching is vital so we take time to train, monitor and develop our teaching staff. We encourage our staff to bring to bear their own natural talents to the classroom. Graduates with particular skills in certain areas are encouraged to design and implemented classes, workshops and classes, that can become part of our teaching curriculum. Due to their recent experiences as students, our trained graduates can be very helpful in addressing the concerns of students still in training.