Crowdfunding Page for our short film is now LIVE!

Layers poster image on Crowdfunding Page

The Crowdfunding Campaign for ADS film Layers is now LIVE!

We are happy to announce that the crowdfunding page for our next short film, Layers is live.


The story centres on David. David is a personal carer to Willow, a young woman who has been diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), a form of Motor Neurone Disease (MND), a degenerative neurological disorder for which there is currently no known cure.

As Willow faces the ever growing psychological and physical challenges that the illness brings, she finds herself at the absolute end of her emotional and mental stability, leading her to a suicide attempt.

The only person at her side at this point in her life, is David. David is not only care-giver; he is friend, confidant, comic relief and hope. Drawn to her for reasons residing in his own distant past, he becomes completely engrossed  in Willow, resulting in the neglect of his relationship with long time girlfriend, Carly.

As Willow’s condition deteriorates she has no other option but to ask him to help her end her life. This places David in an extremely difficult position; one which puts him at odds with his own morals and strains his relationship with Carly to the limits.

Torn between his morals, the pressure to fix his relationship and the desire to help his friend in any way he can, David finds a solution that is both surprising and truly heart-warming.

The story was written and will be directed by Actors Door Studio creative director, Fay Beck. Studio graduates Samuel Normington, Katy Stokes, Studio graduate and Senior Teacher Martina Avogadri, and ADS student Andri Loizides will star in the film which is scheduled for production in May-June.

The Actors Door Studio is dedicated to providing its students and graduates with the opportunity to gain on-set experience. After they complete their training, drama school graduates may feel disillusioned by an industry that may seem impossible to break into. These feelings often have detrimental effects on a recently graduated actor’s confidence levels. Post graduation is a critical time for an emerging actor to embark on the journey of advancing their career.

The films we produce are aimed at exactly addressing some of these points. Through our affiliated film production company Angry Bee Films, we aim to provide students and graduates with career development opportunities.

Layers will be the studio’s first attempt to raise funds from external sources so that cast and crew can be paid for their work on set. If you are able to support our project, please visit the Layers crowdfunding campaign and support the project in any way you can.

If you are currently studying at the studio, get behind it! Love it, share it, make a fuss about it!

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