Graduate Actor Showreels, FilmCase Course



Professionally shot Showreel London shooting location

Actors Door Studio graduates may opt to take part in a FilmCase course at the end of their 2Yr Drama Course and 2YR BEAT Acting Course training.

The Course is designed to equip actors with a professionally shot actors showreel, ready to enter the industry with material that reflects their abilities and skills. In preparation for their acting showreel, graduates attend Screen Acting modules in Yr 1 and Yr 2 of their training. The showreels are an opportunity to apply what they have learned. Showreel scenes are screened at the Graduation Showcase giving invited agents and industry professionals the chance to see the actors on the big screen.

Bespoke scenes are written for the graduates, taking into account actors’ casting types and their own preferences as regards story, style and characterisation.

Select scenes are sometimes produced as short films by our film production company, Angry Bee Films and may be submitted to film festivals for consideration.

2020 Showreels

Graduate Actor Showreel 2020 "Besties", Sadiqa Esmail and Manon Hilhorst

Graduate Actor Showreel 2020 "Sleepover", Siris Gallinat and Sarah Harwood

Graduate Actor Showreel 2020 "Killers", Anton Chepilski and Bakry Maouas

Graduate Actor Showreel 2020 "Flatmates", Andriana Loizides and Zelia Mazele

2018 Showreels