2018 Graduates

We are delighted to introduce to you our 2018 Graduates!

Over the course of their training with us, each and every single one of them has demonstrated excellence at all levels and in all aspects of their training.

Our graduates are able to tackle deep character work and to give compelling performances on screen and stage.

They will be ‘showing off’ their talents next month, but for now, take a moment to meet them!

David Mullenger

David Mullenger graduate student 2018 | Actors Door Studio

Jake Bryan-Amaning

Jake Bryan-Amaning graduating actor 2018

Katy Stokes

Katy Stokes graduating student 2018 and tutor | Actors Door Studio

Lorenzo Pasqualini

Lorenzo Pasqualini graduating actor 2018

Stella Graham

Stella Graham graduating actor 2018

Martina Avogadri

Martina Avogadri, Graduate and Senior Teacher | Actors Door Studio

Samuel Normington

Samuel Normington, graduate Actors Door Studio

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