Merry Xmas with a Little Bauble Heart!

A year to remember

What a year indeed! As 2020 comes to an end, we are keen to celebrate the wonderful work and talent of Actors Door Studio graduates and students.

This year has been difficult for many people around the world. Our students, teachers and staff, like many individuals in our industry, have experienced moments of uncertainty, disappointment and confusion.

Yet, throughout this year, we have seen their true passionate and creative spirits rise above the tests they have faced. We have been overwhelmed by the resilience of ADS students and staff. Despite the challenges of the COVID pandemic, the disruption of lockdowns, uncertainties around what the future might hold for them, they have never ceased to inspire us, to impress us and to move us.

We want to thank them and to celebrate them and can think of no better way than by sharing with you all a brilliant little film by one of our own, graduate Katy Stokes.

This gorgeous film tells them story of a lonely, uncelebrated bauble, that is always delegated to the back of the pack. Always hoping to be seen and to fulfil its purpose (of being a bauble of course!) it nonetheless has to deal with rejection, year after year, until magic happens…

The original music track, created by the very talented James Stokes, can be found on Spotify:

We asked Katy to tells us about the story and her inspiration. Her interview and her little gem of a film is below.

In the meantime, and in the spirit of this little bauble fighting to fulfil its life’s purpose…

A Merry Christmas from us at at the Actors Door Studio!

Always Hope, always Dream, Create with Love, and Do Not give up!



Film by Katy Stokes 

Original music by James Stokes 


Q&A with Katy Stokes

What Inspired you to make this film? 

My brother released Little Bauble Heart on Spotify and I played it on repeat all afternoon. Our mum cried when she heard it. We were all moved by the story of a little unwanted bauble sitting alone in a dusty box waiting to be loved. I knew this song was special and I wanted it to reach a larger audience so it could move them too. I said to James he should find an animator to bring the story to life but then my dad suggested I create the visual, so the challenge was set. I’m an instinctive person.  I knew what I needed in my head and heart and I shot the material that evening. 

What were your challenges? 

I shot the material while my mum and partner decorated the tree in real time, so I had to work around them, standing on tables and crawling under the tree, trying not to get trodden on. My mum kept wanting to turn on the main light so she could see what she was doing because she didn’t understand I needed the light low for the shots. However, other than those small factors,  I didn’t find this project challenging at all, it was a lot of fun! I’m from a very creative family and I’ve grown up learning that art can be created whenever and wherever, just grab a camera, paint brush or instrument and go. 

Who helped you?

I needed my mum to act out some key moments in the story but I did all the shooting and editing myself , which was more than manageable for this size project. 

What was your favourite part of the project? 

I really enjoyed shooting the lonely bauble moments and giving life to the small object. I was blowing really hard behind the camera to make the bauble move from side to side. However, my favourite part was editing the film, bringing all the elements together and making sure the story was told. It is so exciting when it all aligns.


Instagram – Katy Stokes @katzstokes, James Stokes, @jmsstks,  Label, @strangechaarm