ADS programs have been specially created and developed by founder Fay Beck, with the aim of expanding the actor’s capacity for artistry, and stretching their abilities beyond self imposed limitations and boundaries. While heavily based on BEAT and the Meisner Technique, the teaching at ADS extends beyond the technique’s scope encompassing philosophical and psychological theories of self, personality, character and mind, to offer students a truly unique acting training experience. The Studio prides itself on nurturing and fostering diversity, inclusivity and acceptance.

Drama Course - Actors Doors Studio



Two year Part Time Drama Course. The course consists of 72 teaching weeks (36 weeks in Yr1, 36 weeks in Yr2 per year). Teaching modules include: Acting Technique, Scene Study, Screen Acting, Audition, Business of Acting, and Movement & Voice. Students who complete the course are invited to take part in a final Industry Showcase.



Two year BEAT Acting Course focusing on advanced method acting skills. The course is rigorous and intensive and suitable only for individuals who are willing and able to dedicate themselves to developing high level method acting skills. The material is challenging and is dedicated to developing the actor as an artist. The basis of the acting training is the Beck Emotional Access Technique. To be accepted into the course, applicants must successfully complete a series of steps. Teaching modules include BEAT Acting TechniqueCharacterisation & Embodiment, Voice, Movement, Advanced Scene Study, Screen Acting & Business of Acting modules.

This course is due to start in September 2022. We are currently inviting interested actors to apply for the course. Places are limited to 12 individuals who believe they have what it takes to take on this extreme challenge.

Beck Emotional Access Technique Course - Actors Door Studio
Flexible Actor Training - Actors Door Studio



The Actors Door Studio offers prospective actors the unique option to design their own acting training experience. Beginning with Foundations, students will work through Acting Modules at a variable pace depending on their commitment and dedication to the course. Students may sign up to modules in Scene Study, Movement and Voice, and Screen Acting on a yearly term basis.