Scene study classes provide the perfect opportunity to practice your ability to examine and understand the anatomy of a scene.
Being able to study or identify what a scene is about will not only improve you as an actor, but also increase your chances of successfully securing acting roles.

What is scene study?

Simply put, scene study is about answering a number of integral questions related to the scene you are set to perform. These include:

What is the scene really about?

What is the character’s role in the scene, given the context of the play?

Who is the character and what do they want?

What does the writer and/or director want the audience to experience/see/feel/understand?

To uncover the answers to these questions you must begin with the script. The script will provide you with all the clues you need to develop your character. It will also provide guidance on how to approach your performance as a whole in the play.

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Advanced Scene Study Classes Actors Door Studio
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Scene Study Classes at ADS

Our scene study classes, workshops and courses are in-depth training programs that teach actors how to apply new, improved and more advanced techniques to the text.

The methodology we apply is unique; it has been developed over many years by the studio’s artistic director Fay Beck. Visit our teaching philosophy page to read about Beck’s approach to training actors.

Students may find it useful to attend more than one workshop or course throughout the year. Each workshop or workshop will focus on one scene from different plays. Attending these advanced scene study workshops on a regular basis will help you fine tune some of the most important skills you will need to succeed as an actor.

In the workshop the teacher will help you:

  • Discuss the themes of the scene and the writer’s intention behind it.
  • Discover how to identify key plot points.
  • Learn to recognise instantly important elements of the scene: Climax, Resolution and Conclusion.
  • Consider each character’s role and reason for being in the scene.
  • Understand how to identify beats developed in the scene.
  • Learn advanced characterisation skills to perform to a professional level the character’s objectives and ‘motivations’ in the scene.

Requirements: The workshops and courses are open to all students who have experience and past training in acting. You do not need to to be core course student at the Actors Door Studio in order to attend these workshops.

Scene Study Classes & Performance - Actors Door Studio

Advanced Scene Study Course with Fay Beck

The Actors Door Studio runs an Advanced Scene Study Course with the studio’s director, Fay Beck. The course is unique, it offers actors the opportunity to perform the scene in an intimate showcase at the completion of the course.

The focus of the workshop is on delivering advanced scene study skills and on helping you apply them directly to a performance. The performance will be free for 1-2 of your invited guests and friends.

During the course, participants will be given instruction in:

  • Advanced Scene Study skills
  • Deeply diving into the psychology of a character
  • Developing a mindful instinct which is the hall mark of Fay’s approach

The workshop is for working/professional actors or for actors with previous drama school of acting school training.

Requirements: Participants must first apply to be accepted in the course. You must have previous acting training or professional experience in the industry to be accepted in the course.

If you are interested in attending the next course, please fill out the application form below.

Scene Study Courses & Performance - Actors Door Studio
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