School Workshops

School Workshops

We conduct exciting drama and theatre workshops for secondary schools in London and in regional areas of the UK. Run by our specially trained teachers, the workshops will deliver to students a fun and dynamic experience that will also be informative and relevant to their academic studies.

At the Actors Door Studio we believe in the benefits of actually ‘doing drama’ to learn about the subject. As a result, our workshops have been specially crafted to involve a hands on practical acting component. Students respond well when they are actively engaged. From experience, we see that secondary students retain more from having participated in an immersive theatre and drama experience as opposed to observing only lectures or talks on the subject.

Workshops can be conducted at the school’s premises, making it easier for teachers and principals to schedule the event and organise attendees. Alternatively, if you are planning a school visit to another location in the UK, we are able to organise and hire venues suitable to your visit plans. If you are planning a school visit to London from a regional area in the UK, we can provide for a venue to accomodate the students, no matter the size of the group. For smaller size groups, we conduct workshops in our studio on trendy and artistic Brick Lane. The trip to our studio could be an interesting experience in itself for visiting students.

Prior to booking the workshop event, the studio’s director will work with drama teachers, head teachers or with the school’s principal to create a bespoke experience for students. School workshops can be designed to supplement or to highlight particular aspects of the teaching curriculum. If you are interested in organising a specific type of drama workshop aimed at teaching your students specialised acting skills, please get in touch with us to discuss further.

We often conduct the following types of workshops for students in secondary schools:


Acting Skills Workshop

The Acting Skills Workshop is a general and practice focused workshop where students are introduced to practical acting skills. Students are encouraged to approach acting as a process that involves a number of steps that are broken down for them simply. They will have the opportunity to apply some of the skills learnt, to bring alive a scene.

Method in my Acting

This is an exciting workshop that gives students a brief introduction to method approaches to the craft of acting. Method acting involves students using their own experiences to fuel their performances. In the workshop, students will have the opportunity to bring their own feelings and experiences to act out a short scene in pairs, and in front of the whole group.

Get out of your Head! Workshop

The Get out of your Head! Workshop is our specially designed Meisner Technique workshop. During the session, students will be introduced to the remarkable technique that has given rise to some of Hollywood’s biggest acting legends over the last 5 decades. It is an opportunity to try out and test some of the foundational principles of the technique. Students will get to experience what it means to ‘act from the gut’, to use their instinct, to be in the moment and to get out of their head when acting on stage and screen.

Please get in touch with us to enquire about how we can organise a workshop for you.

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