Screen Acting Classes

At the Actors Door Studio we organise and run regular screen acting classes and workshops to help actors improve their on-screen acting skills.

The workshops and classes cover a wide range of topics that include hands-on training, theoretical discussion and practical on-camera sessions for every student. We understand that every student has their own strengths and weaknesses. This is why our tutor works with each one closely to ensure they can focus on areas of importance to become a stronger on-screen performer.


Our sessions cover a different topic each week, with every one forming an important part of becoming a better on-screen actor. These topics include:

  • Auditioning skills
  • Casting type
  • Character breakdowns and character development
  • Continuity
  • Marketing strategy development
  • On-screen body and facial awareness
  • ‘Playing the camera’
  • Script/text analysis
  • Staging
  • Shot types

By attending our weekly screen acting classes you will gradually be able to fine tune and improve your on-screen performances. In addition to this, you will have a wide range of demo reels that can be used outside of the studio. These are ideal for sending to agents and casting directors to improve your chances of securing auditions and professional work opportunities.

There are no limitations on how many of these classes you can attend. However, we do advise you take all the classes available. This will improve your overall skillset and, in turn, you chances of finding work in both the TV and film industries.

Whether you are a student at the Actors Door Student, or a guest to the studio, you are able to take part in our Screen Acting Workshops. All you need is a commitment to the craft and a willingness to learn within our environment.

For those new to the art of on-screen acting, the tutor will provide basic guidance on script/scene analysis. This will make the transition to performing in-front of the camera easier. Experienced actors are welcome to take up these classes as they are guaranteed to find them extremely useful.

Visit the booking section for upcoming Screen Acting Workshops and Classes.