Second accolade for The Breakup!

The Breakup is a semi-finalist!

We are delighted to announce that our short film The Breakup is a semi-finalist in the European Cinematography Awards.

The Breakup was written by the studio’s director Fay Beck. It tells the story of a couple who break up after a long relationship.

The film is silent and is one continuous shot. The emotional journey that the characters experience post the breakup is wonderfully portrayed by the two leads, Martina Avogadri and Lorenzo Pasqualini who are graduating students at the Actors Door Studio. You can watch them in our upcoming showcase.

The shoot is an intense emotionally driven experience as the cast had to play and replay the story in a heightened emotional state. Receiving these accolades is much deserved recognition for the work of all cast and crew and for the project that the Actors Door Studio aims to achieve.

Fay Beck and Angry Bee Films routinely work with actors and students of the Actors Door Studio. Joining the school means a chance to be part of these productions.

Visit the website of our associated production company Angry Bee Films for information on this project as well as all other projects the company does with the students and staff of the Actors Door Studio.

Stills from the shoot

The Breakup short film Fay Beck
The Breakup short film Fay Beck production still Martina Avogadri
The Breakup short film Fay Beck production still Lorenzo Pasqualini

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