Martina Avogadri Acting Coach - Actors Door Studio


Martina is an award winning actress, filmmaker and producer.

At ADS she holds the position of senior teacher and assistant studio director, a role that requires her to be responsible for the delivery of acting lessons within the studio. This is in tandem with assessing student learning and progression, while also contributing to the development and delivery of the curriculum as a whole.

She originally trained as an actress at the prestigious Paolo Grassi drama school in Milan, where she graduated in 2012. While conducting her actor training, Martina also undertook philosophy studies at the University of Milan and completed a degree in aesthetics, which concerns the philosophy of art.

After working as an actress in Italy for a few years, Martina moved to London in 2016. She was looking to add another dimension to her acting abilities, and although she couldn’t identify exactly what it was at that point, Martina knew her instincts would point her in the right direction when it presented itself.

That opportunity came into effect when she arrived at the Actors Door Studio in 2016. Working directly under the guidance of Artistic Director Fay Beck, she was able to redefine her approach to character and the way it should be taught. Martina quickly found a synergy with the studio that enabled her to grow and expand upon her understanding of the craft of acting.

Martina has since established herself as a key member of our team and her philosophy qualifications give her a unique vantage point that benefits all of our students. Her analytical skills and understanding of art and human nature provide an insight few others possess.

While Martina continues to test and expand the boundaries of her own acting mastery, she develops and produces film projects through Aberrant Gene Films, a production company she co-owns with Fay Beck.