University workshops

University Workshops


Meisner Technique Workshop

The Meisner Technique Workshop introduces students to the method developed by theatre actor, director and practitioner, Sanford Meisner. This remarkable technique has given rise to some of Hollywood’s biggest acting legends over the last 5 decades. It is an opportunity for drama students to try it out and to test some of its foundational principles. Students will get to experience what it means to ‘act from the gut’, to use their instinct, to be in the moment, and to get out of their head, when acting on stage and screen.

How ‘to do Character’ Workshop

This workshop gives students a new perspective into character work, informed by the work of our studio’s director, Fay Beck. At the Actors Door Studio we specialise in-depth character work. As theatre practitioners we believe that characters in film and on stage have their own existential reality, just like we do. We believe characters have a fully integrated psychology and a framework of action that defines who they are. This framework in turn, is what guides their actions. In this workshop we break down for students these ideas and give them them opportunity to try this out for themselves. Students will have the opportunity to craft out characters, from the most extreme and ‘out-there’ to the most ‘basic’ and ‘everyday’.

Musical Theatre Workshop

The Musical Theatre Workshop is a dynamic, fun, and energetic introduction to the world of musical theatre. As a studio, we frequently work and train musical theatre actors, dancers and performers, helping them improve their dance and movement body work, by connecting to their emotional instrument. This workshop, is an introduction to this special skill, sought out by musical theatre performers.

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