Diversity Statement


At the Actors Door Studio our values thrive on the diversity of our students. We welcome adult learners from any cultural, racial, ethnic or socio-economic background. Our students thrive in our inclusive environment regardless of their gender, relationship status, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or political conviction.


We hold that in order to have a rich, diverse and powerful film, television and theatre industry, our courses must be accessible to everyone. Students from all backgrounds must be able to enrol in professional acting courses such as ours.


The Studio takes active steps to ensure equal opportunity and diversity is guaranteed through the following:

  1. Our Foundation Acting Course, drop-in classes and entry point to our core training course is open to all students interested in pursuing acting. These courses and classes can be booked by attendees directly, without prior approval by us.
  2. Progression through the course is based on merit, demonstrated commitment to the course and training, codified attendance criteria, acting ability and performance potential.
  3. Students will never be treated in a discriminatory manner and will not experience unfavourable treatment as a result of a physical, psychological, sexual, racial or socio-economic characteristic.
  4. Courses, classes and workshops are priced below market value to ensure they are accessible to a larger proportion of individuals especially to those from lower socio-economic backgrounds.
  5. We actively seek to promote a professional learning environment free from any form of prejudice, harassment and discrimination. The studio moves quickly and decisively to ensure this atmosphere is upheld by teachers and students alike.


We are proud of our ongoing contribution and promotion of diversity in the film, TV and theatre industries. This is something we are passionate about and will continue to assess and improve on. Our aim is to ensure that our Studio remains an inclusive creative environment for new talent and diverse actors.

Below is a brief overview of the students who have graduated from the Actors Door Studio over the past few years.


Female Identifying 70%
Non-native English Background 50%
Black, Asian & other Minority Ethnic 40%
Eastern European 30%


Female Identifying 75%
Non-native English Background 37.5%
Black, Asian & other Minority Ethnic 50%
Eastern European 12.5%
Southern European 12.5%


Female Identifying 55%
Non-native English Background 44%
Mixed Race Asian 11%
Black 11%
Eastern European 22%
Southern European 22%