A short course for beginners

Screen Acting demands specific skills and knowledge. Screen acting courses provide actors with essential and specialist on-camera acting skills. While acting courses inform general acting technique and methodology, on camera  acting classes and screen acting courses, train actors to apply what they have learned to working on camera.

Film sets can be daunting places for anyone, but especially for new actors. It can be difficult for actors to transfer core acting skills onto this new setting. Film acting involves more specific work, delivered realistically (as opposed to theatrically) and convincingly in front of the camera. Additionally, it requires that actors convey deep powerful emotions within narrow margins of precision. These are specialist skills ordinarily learned in screen acting courses such as the only currently offered at the Studio.

What is true for film acting is also true for movie auditions. With regards to the casting process in general, many things fall outside the actor’s control. Such as for example, whether or not you are the right fit; or do you look right for the part; is the ‘chemistry’ right between you and your on screen partner. If you attend regular screen acting classes or take an on camera technique course, it will help you eliminate factors that influence your performance on the day.

Do you need to take the Screen Acting Course?

Have you ever been told that you do too much on screen?

Do you lose confidence in your acting abilities when you sit in front of the camera?

Do you want to master casting technique to ensure you progressively audition better?

Are your regular screen acting classes (2/2) inadequately addressing specialist camera skills?

We specifically designed our screen acting courses to address these concerns so that our actors can feel control on set and during the audition process.

If you feel addressing the above would be useful to you right now, then this course would be beneficial to you.

Through a hands-on approach, this series of modules will cover essential techniques and training to develop strong screen acting skills. Participants will learn screen script analysis, as well as build confidence to interact with the camera and the space.

Through extensive exercises and work in front of the camera, participants will develop a set of tools to enhance and shape their performance for the screen. Student will shoot monologues and duologues in the studio, which will later be analysed in detail.

After completing all 5 weekly modules participants will have a sound foundation of screen acting techniques, as well as the skills to create increasingly more compelling performance for the screen.

Key focus areas in this dynamic course which combines plenty on camera work include:

  • BEAT Text Analysis Technique
  • Understanding character for camera
  • Working with a partner on Duologues
  • Understanding relationship work on camera
  • Working alone on monologues
  • Intro to staging, camera angles and shots
  • Intro to emotional & physical continuity
  • Facial Awareness
  • Audition & Self Taping
  • Preparing for a day on set

If you have been studying with us on a drop in basis, the course takes you further than you on-camera acting classes. Talk to the tutor about the next available screen acting course or visit the booking pages to find out directly.