House Rules

When attending classes at the Actors Door Studio we kindly ask you to observe our house rules. The rules ensure the Actors Door Studio remains a fun, nurturing and safe place for all.

1) Dress

For your comfort and safety wear comfortable clothing and comfortable flat footwear to class.

2) Lateness

DO NOT BE LATE. If you are attending a class and think you are running late, text your teacher to let them know when you will be arriving. If you are extremely late and have not advised us of it, we may refuse you entry to the class and you will not receive a refund in this case.

3) Safety on stage

The Meisner Technique involves performing improv exercises that involve bringing objects on set. Whilst on premises and during classes you agree not to use or store, poisons, noxious and dangerous chemicals, flammable chemicals, explosives, weapons including knives and blades, power tools, any naked flames (including barbeques) or use or keep candles. If your exercise requires you to bring sharp or dangerous objects, please notify the teacher of your intention to do so and the teacher will instruct you on the suitability of your props for class.

4) Code of Conduct

The Studio expects all students to conduct themselves at all times in an orderly manner, respecting the rights, privacy and property of others. Due to the nature of the class work, which may include discussion of age appropriate themes, use of adult language, watching performances that may contain nudity and the use of age appropriate materials and props, students will be required to demonstrate high levels of maturity whilst participating in their classes.
The Studio reserves the right to remove any participant from a course with immediate effect, if they are found to be in breach of this Code of Conduct, or their behaviour is such that results in property damage, endangering others or self or in impede the progress of other participants. Students will be held financially responsible for any damages.
You agree to follow safety instructions from the teacher or coach taking the course or class at all times. Although teachers are chosen for their experience all participants in Courses and Classes have a legal responsibility to take all reasonable precautions to maintain their own safety and not to endanger other participants in the Courses and Classes and are liable for their own actions.

5) Restrictions on class attendance

We provide access to our classes, courses and workshops in the good faith that you will be attending to learn from our training. If you are attending classes for any other reasons please contact us.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time. We reserve the right to limit or prohibit class bookings that, in our sole judgment, appear to be placed by drama and personal development teachers, coaches or trainers.

Unless you have been invited by us, you are expressly prohibited from attending any or our classes, workshops or courses if you are a Meisner Technique teacher, coach or trainer. If you are a Meisner Technique teacher, coach or trainer and would like to attend, please contact us. Note, we are under no obligation to grant you access.

We welcome students who have trained in the Meisner Technique at another school or with another teacher! We recommend you contact us prior to booking any class so we can discuss which class is the most appropriate for you.

We thank you for your cooperation.