Your Entry Point to our Courses

The Foundations in Acting Course is a taster training program delivered as a 1 week intensive, 2 week intensive or 5 week short course. This well-rounded beginners acting course is designed to orient new students to the technique we teach and to our teaching approach at the studio.

Students will be introduced to beginner level exercises in Beck Emotional Access Technique and be taken through key insights in acting technique to lay the right foundations for further study into the Acting Courses we offer at the studio.

Over the duration of the Foundations Course, students will be challenged to take the first steps into accessing emotional truth. Each lesson we work through exercises and tasks designed to progressively get attendees working from new places, outside their comfort zone. Importantly, through the cornerstone exercise of the Repetition exercise students learn how to connect with the other actor – a skill necessary for giving powerful performances on screen and stage.

Students are also taught how to apply the Repetition exercise to text. Using Fay Beck’s powerful script and text analysis method, students will be increasingly able to access truthful emotions and behaviours, bringing realism to their performance, even at the very early stages of their training.
The last part of the course introduces actors to Screen Acting. Attendees will have the opportunity to jump in front of the camera for taster camera acting sessions.

At the completion of the course, students will be able to apply the practical acting skills they have begun to learn almost immediately in their acting.

The Foundations courses run throughout the year and are subject to demand. If you were unlucky in your application for the 2 Yr BEAT Course, or the 2Yr Drama Course, you are still able to study at the Actors Door Studio by subscribing to the Flexible Course. Admission to the Flexible Course in open to all students once they have successfully* completed the Foundations Course.

There are no entry requirements to Foundations at ADS. All you need is an open heart and mind, and a willingness to step outside your comfort zone!

The course will challenge you to step outside safe and familiar comfort zones – so be ready for it!

If you are ready to begin your journey at the Actors Door Studio, check out our courses below to book the next available Foundations Course.

*Successful completion of the course means:

90% class attendance