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Scheduled now are 5 and 6 week courses, week-long intensives, weekend workshops and drop in acting classes. Based in London for easy and convenience of access. Take advantage of specials such as the 10 Class pack, saving you on your individual acting class bookings.

If you are looking for one-on-one acting coaching either online or in person, visit the booking page to select the acting coach you would like to work with and that suits your budget.

If you are seeking to study at a top acting school London offers you many choices…

Why choose us?

We are committed and passionate about our profession. In our recent history we have helped hundreds of actors gain a deeper understanding of themselves as artists, the craft of acting and the industry, thereby providing them with the building blocks to create successful and established careers as professional actors. Importantly, we build a community of actors who work together, bringing projects to fruition long after their graduation.


The Actors Door Studio (ADS) is a part-time acting school offering long-term conservatory style acting programs for aspiring actors. Our philosophy is that an actor’s body, voice and emotional instrument need to be developed holistically in order to achieve excellence in performance and in the craft of acting. As a result, each 2YR acting course we offer encompasses study units in Voice, Movement, Performance, Scene Work, Screen Acting, Audition and the Business of Acting.
Actors seeking short term study options can choose from a variety of acting classes London based, or conducted online.

Regardless of your background or experience, the studio provides a safe and inclusive environment for actors to step outside themselves and their comfort zone. We encourage them to discover their limits and boundaries and nurture a supporting base from which to challenge themselves beyond those limits. We create an environment where intensity and passion can flourish without judgement. At the same time we strive to make it fun!


You are looking for an acting course London based but don’t know where to start…

Read about the 2 long-term acting programs ADS offers, each 2 years in duration.


Intensive conservatory style actor training. Includes Scene Study, Screen Acting, Voice and Movement modules. The course leads to a final year Industry Showcase and FilmCase.


A highly selective program for dedicated actors keen to discover what it takes to elevate acting craft to the next level. The 2YR BEAT Acting Course London based also, may be the rigorous acting training you were looking for. Read on to see if it is.


Actors who choose this option select their desired modules of study at the beginning of each yearly term. Progress through the modules that you want to work on, at your own pace.

Students searching for an alternative to traditional British drama schools will find our acting school London situated but globally oriented, giving students wider understanding of their craft and the industry In which it operates. This is supported in the course curriculum, which is focused of creating all rounded actors who are ready to enter the industry as stage and screen performers.


Looking for an acting course London based to fill knowledge gaps in your craft? ADS has short term courses, workshops and drop-in classes to get you started and on track to elevate your acting technique. Our focus on screen acting, audition and the business of acting means you can raise your screen acting game today. If you feel your text analysis work needs improvement, take up a scene study course to enrich your script work. These courses along with voice courses, movement courses, BEAT repetition classes, accent and RP workshops are run periodically providing solutions for actors from beginner to advanced level. Discover the range of workshops, course and classes we offer.
For actors seeking online training, we have a select range of acting classes and courses conducted over zoom ready to book.